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Why do some products and businesses have great success while others never reach their potential?

Many businesses are just as good as others but they struggle to get market share.

The stats for business success are pretty grim. 80% of small businesses fail in their first 3 years. These failures don’t come about because of a lack of effort, they happen because people fail to give focus to the fundamental step that enables success.

Every business that has managed to fast track their success, has created a solid foundation that can only be established through the discovery process that is creating a brand strategy – not logo design but a brand road map – a step by step process to success.

Perhaps you see your competitors being recommended on social media, but your brand isn’t getting the recognition it deserves…

Perhaps your competitors are getting the lion’s share of business even though your business does it just as well, if not better….

If that sounds like something you’re experiencing, then you need a brand roadmap to get you off the old track you are on and get you on your way. Big, global brands start with this process. Small, local businesses that enjoy fast-tracked success, use this process.

Are you experiencing one or more of the following:

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This course will give you:

Whether you’re looking to create a new brand, rebrand your existing product or service or even stress-test whether your current brand is really doing what it could do for your business, the Brand Magic Masterclass will get you there. If you want to enjoy a successful, highly sought-after business or brand then this program is for you. SIGN UP NOW

This program is for you if you are a:

Does this sound like you?

“I have a logo already. I have my brand”

Logo and brand are often confused as the same thing. Your logo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding. The logo of an apple doesn’t sell computers. The apple simply tells you where to buy and who manufactures the products. Business ‘brand’ is present in everything that a business does. That is why it is so much more than a logo.

“I’m only starting out so I’ll just start with a logo”

It makes sense to be careful with your funds if you’re starting out. What’s important though is doing the foundational work that enables success. A brand strategy is the road map to success. It works like a compass in that it provides direction and focus where it counts.

“I already have a brand that I like”

You may not need a rebrand, you might just need to rework it. That is what this course will help you do – get clear about what you need to do to turn an underperforming brand into a magic brand – one that does what you need it to!

“I have a service not a product so I don’t need a brand”

Most people believe that branding is limited to products but brand strategy development in services is the biggest growth area due to the huge wins that early-adopters of brand development are enjoying. Branding also applies to people and places.

Business owners develop brand roadmaps as their decision making filter. For people who are making no end of decisions in a work day, the brand strategy is referenced to make good decision making, simpler. It reduces the second-guessing that plagues so many business owners. Business owners also use their brand roadmaps to help them in their hiring process and gives them confidence to hand over some decision-making to their staff.

Team members use the brand road map when they are looking at opportunities that arise that may or may not be suitable for the business, By referencing the brand roadmap they will be able to determine if that opportunity is a match, or not. They then feel confident and empowered to make a decision and move forward.

If it fits with the brand strategy, it’s a yes! If it doesn’t, it’s out!

Take some pressure off. Running a business is tough. Imagine if you had done this a year ago, two years ago…where would your business be now?

Now is the time to develop your brand roadmap to get you on track and become the recommended brand on everyone’s lips.

Across industries we are all experiencing greater competition. Your competition is no longer only down the road from you, but they are in the next town or city, in another state or another country….regardless of whether you consider your business to be online or offline. Services as well as products are being delivered successfully and efficiently like never before. As a result, individuals and businesses are expanding their brand into other markets.This course has been designed to help you get clarity about what you need to do to optimise your brand and to develop a brand roadmap.

Create a brand that enables:

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“Before I started the Brand Magic Masterclass I was confused about branding and thought that a brand was about having a logo. I have done the entire course and loved every minute of it! In fact I have been back to redo a number of modules as I always seem to take something extra each time I do them. I had no idea that there was so much to learn about branding. The Brand Magic Masterclass gave me the best amount of clarity and is an amazing foundation on which to start building a brand strategy. I now have a go-to brand strategy that myself and my team use on a daily basis. I am so confident in my decisions now about how to communicate with my customers, what kind of experience I want them to have and how I want them to feel. This has completely changed my business! I highly recommend this course.”

Jessica Lowe – The Tooth Booth Brand Magic Workbook with over 18 branding worksheets to develop a brand strategy

There are 12 modules that shape the Brand Magic Masterclass:

  1. Brand Strategy Success
  2. Brand Personality Clarity
  3. Developing Your Brand Story
  4. Developing Brand Assets
  5. Online Success Tools
  6. Developing Audience Connection
  7. How To Create Impactful Slogans
  8. Branding Dress Code
  9. Dominate Your Market
  10. Brand Culture
  11. Brand Experience Optimisation
  12. Wrap Up

The Brand Magic Masterclass has been instrumental in setting the path for significant growth in my business. Establishing a strong core message and a standout brand, from the very start, was important to me. This firm foundation made it easy for me, and my team, to promote our business with confidence. Our ‘brand personality’ is especially helpful in sending out the right message in all marketing formats. I am forever grateful for this program. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create a strong brand message!

Suzanne Walker – Clear Path Accounting

Upon completing this course you will:


There are two options for the Brand Magic Masterclass. You can go solo, or if you want an expert in your corner to run ideas and challenge you, then there is a mentoring package just for you!

Brand Magic® Masterclass

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“I started the Brand Magic Masterclass as I felt that there was a spark missing in my business that I could see in my competitors, but I didn’t quite know what that missing piece was. I learnt on the program that there is far more to branding than meets the eye, that it doesn’t have to be hard, and that it’s essential to have a well thought out strategy to help guide me to a consistent message and experience. By implementing just a few of the branding tools (especially the Brand Personality) I have been able to clearly articulate my value to my clients, create a more connected brand and build an excellent reputation.”

Emma Sharrock – The Agile Project Manager

Debbie O’Connor, the creator of Brand Magic Masterclass has led hundreds of individuals and businesses to brand success through her award-winning agency, White River Design.

Some brands that Debbie and her team have worked with include Michelle Bridges 12WBT, Swarovski, Acer, Ferrari, Microsoft and Westfield. However, it is the smaller business brand transformations that she is most proud of.

Debbie specialises in small business strategy and is passionate about helping people grow their small business into bigger, more successful businesses. She delights in seeing her clients transform from feeling unsure about where their business is going to feeling empowered and confident about the future.

Now you can access all of this brand wisdom, insight and expertise in Brand Magic Masterclass.