Brand Personalities

Do you want your brand to ooze personality?

Once upon a time, in a studio not too far way, a designer realised that at the heart of every culture is the art of story telling. Stories of bravery, love, mystery, power and intrigue. Stories filled with characters that capture our attention, evoke emotions and resonate with us. This very same designer was troubled by the number of businesses who cared nothing for their brand, but simply thought that obtaining a logo (and often an ugly one) was enough.

Inspired by the studies of philosopher Carl Jung, our charismatic designer devised a unique system to apply human personality traits to a business, thereby giving them far greater connection with their customer. Today this very same system has now been made available for you to learn, be empowered and help you create a brand for your business that oozes personality and encourages your customers to fall in love with!

Whether they are stories told around a camp fire, passed down from father to son, fairytales or those played out on the big screen, stories are a big part of what makes us human.

It’s interesting to start noticing that certain characters keep popping up. Whether it’s an innocent maiden, a knight in shining armour, a wise old man or a magical fairy, somehow we understand and identify with their personalities.

In this program on Brand Personalities I teach you how to create this same connection between customers and the business so that you have complete clarity on how to consistently present your brand and communicate with your customer by phone, email, print or digital. 

What you will learn from the Brand Personalities Program

  • What is a Brand Personality?
  • Why is it important to build a brand with personality
  • Detailed information on each personality
  • Which personality is right for my brand?
  • The WHY and HOW – not the WHAT
  • Examples of brands with personality
  • Discover your brand personality – get FREE access to Brand Personalities

Key outcomes:

  • Understanding the power of brand personalities
  • Learning the 12 different personality types
  • Discovering what your brand personality is by getting FREE access to Brand Personalities
  • How to implement your brand personality into your brand strategy

“Before I started the Brand Magic Masterclass I was confused about branding and thought that a brand was about having a logo. I have done the entire course and loved every minute of it! I had no idea that there was so much to learn about branding. It was the Brand Personalities program that gave me the most amount of clarity and is an amazing foundation on which to start building a brand strategy. I now have a go-to brand strategy that myself and my team use on a daily basis. I am so confident in my decisions now about how to communicate with my customers, what kind of experience I want them to have and how I want them to feel. This has completely changed my business! I highly recommend this course.”

Jessica Lowe – ‘The Tooth Booth’

12 Personality Archetypes

Based on the studies by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we use the concepts and traits of his 12 Personality Archetypes to effectively brand a business. Through our Brand Personalities system we are able to determine what personality relates to the brand and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.

Brand Personalities are incredibly powerful when strategically developing and creating brands that have meaning, and want to connect with their client on a level far deeper than simply a transactional one. Brands with personality better relate to your customers giving them a much stronger connection to the brand, encouraging them to not only buy, but to tell their friends and to keep coming back time and time again.

To start the identification process, you need to discover your primary Brand Archetype or Brand Personality. This is the inherent brand personality that people relate to when they look at a brand to assess if it is attractive to them. Clarity, direction, colours, language and tone are all then based on the personality of your brand.

On the Brand Personalities program you get FREE access to the Brand Personalities system.

I use this system on my own business!

I have been designing and developing brands for a few decades now, and since I implemented this system in my branding studio, I have seen the effectiveness of my clients brands skyrocket!

I have personally used this system on both of my businesses as well as my clients, and the connection, repeat clients, raving fans and reputation that we have been able to develop is amazing. So I know it works!

Now I want to share with you how you can also start to build a brand with personality. One that connects, is engaging and resonates with your customer. This process takes a bit of brain power to get your head around the concept, but once you do, you will realise how amazing it is.

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