Brand Magic Masterclass

Commences 1st February



As a business owner, you have to wear so many hats, so consequently educating yourself becomes a vital part of business. Learning the basics doesn’t mean that you have to then do all of the work, but it does mean that you know who and what to ask for when the time comes.

The Brand Magic® Masterclass is an online program designed to teach you all there is to know about building your own brand in 8 weeks. Each week a new lesson is revealed, with an online support and live questions answered to keep you motivated. 

Each module is about 25-60 minutes in length, broken down into bit-sized pieces.

I have deliberately kept it within these time frames as I knows how time poor everyone is these days.

Along with the 11 modules and a bonus wrap up module to finalise your brand strategy, there is a gorgeous workbook jam packed with worksheets to take you step by step through creating your very own brand strategy. There are also a bundle of supporting documents and videos to help you define, craft and develop your brand.

In this Masterclass you will learn how to build a magic brand for your business.

There are 12 modules that cover the following topics:

  1. What is branding
  2. Discover your brand personality
  3. Write your brand story
  4. Look at and audit your Logo + collateral
  5. Discover and plan your digital footprint
  6. Create your language + tone
  7. Define and redefine your dress code
  8. Develop a kick ass slogan
  9. Learn how you can own your space
  10. Find out why training your team is critical
  11. Create a brand experience that will make your customers raving fans
  12. Wrap up and finalise your brand strategy

You’ll get:

  • Your own Brand Magic® Workbook* to keep all of your notes and planning in one place.
  • Each week a new lesson is revealed, with an online support and live questions answered to keep you motivated. 
  • Educational modules that are between 25-60 minutes long to make learning manageable.
  • Heaps of support material, inspiring quotes and resources.
  • Touch-base and on-track emails with tips.
  • Connect and collaborate with other like-minded business owners through our closed Facebook Page.
    The opportunity to have one-on-one consultations if you get stuck.
  • You will also get lifetime access to our online business community!

Please note that this is not a design program.

It’s a program for business owners like yourself, to fully understand branding and learn the skills to be able to manage the bulk of your own branding yourself. So much of branding is far more than the visuals that we see and associate with branding. This is what I want to teach you.

Keen bean? Get started…

Sneak Peek

Module 1 – What is branding?

Module 2 – Brand Personalities

Module 3 – How to create a Brand Story

Module 4 – Logo and Collateral

Module 5 – Digital Footprint

Module 6 – Language and Tone

Module 10 – Train your team

Module 11 – Brand experience