to developing a brand that clients fall in love with and just can’t say no to.

  • Are you struggling to grow your business?

  • Do your competitors seem to be one step ahead of you?
  • Are you too embarrassed to hand out your business card or direct people to your website?
  • Are you trying to build your business but find it hard to find and keep customers?
  • Do you realise you need to work on your brand but have no idea where to start?

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“I started the Brand Magic Masterclass as I felt that there was a spark missing in my business that I could see in my competitors, but I didn’t quite know what that missing piece was. I learnt on the program that there is far more to branding than meets the eye, that it doesn’t have to be hard, and that it’s essential to have a well thought out strategy to help guide me to a consistent message and experience. By implementing just a few of the branding tools (especially the Brand Personality) I have been able to clearly articulate my value to my clients, create a more connected brand and build an excellent reputation.”

Emma Sharrock – The Agile Project Manager

Debbie O’Connor, the creator of Brand Magic Masterclass has led hundreds of individuals and businesses to brand success through her award-winning agency, White River Design.

Some brands that Debbie and her team have worked with include Michelle Bridges 12WBT, Swarovski, Acer, Ferrari, Microsoft and Westfield. However, it is the smaller business brand transformations that she is most proud of.

Debbie specialises in small business strategy and is passionate about helping people grow their small business into bigger, more successful businesses. She delights in seeing her clients transform from feeling unsure about where their business is going to feeling empowered and confident about the future.

Now you can access all of this brand wisdom, insight and expertise in Brand Magic Masterclass.